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Plumbing waste

September 9, 2011

The water that comes in to a building has to come out and there are several options of what to do with waste water depending on depending on the type of water it is. 

First water that comes in to a building is potable water. Potable water is water that is safe for human consumption. It can come from municipal water sources typically carried through pipes in the street. In rural areas water can be drawn from the ground through the use of wells.

When it comes to waste waste water there are two types;


Gray water is waste water which may be a combination of liquid and water-carried waste, with the exception of human wastes. Gray water comes from baths, showers, sinks and washing machines. Some definitions of gray water also include kitchen sinks.


Black water is waste water that comes from toilets. It has the capacity of containing urine or fecal matter.


As populations increase and demands on limited water sources are strained ways of conserving water is in becoming more and more important. Gray water and water collected from roofs, although not potable can be used for flushing toilets. There are even some advanced systems that can recycle black water an return turn it into potable water.

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