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The Building Code Part 5, Types of Construction.

October 28, 2011

Another important piece of information concerning a building, is the Type of Construction. In Chapter 6 of the 2006 IBC, the Building Code breaks construction down in to 5 different types with subcategories.

Type I & II building are made of noncombustible materials.

Type III buildings have exterior walls built of noncombustible materials and the interior can walls are permitted to be built of amy material permitted by code.

Type IV buildings are constructed of heaver timber.

Type V buildings are have exterior walls built of any material permitted by code.

You may be wondering why Type s I & II are the same and what about the subcategories I mentioned earlier. Check out the table 601. In this table the code breaks down the fire resistance rating requirements of various building elements. One of the primary focus of the building code is to protect occupants from fire. This is closely related to table 501 that was mentioned in part 4 of this series. For example building Type IIB and Type 5 require no fire resistance ratings so on table 501 they allow smallest square footage for your building. In contrast building that are Type IA, which have the most restrictive fire ratings allow for the  most square footage.

This chapter of the code stresses the importance of looking through all the building code carefully when analyzing a building. There are parts of the building code that effect other parts and Architects must carefully read through all the code to correctly design their buildings. Or you can just hire a code consultant.

Good luck on your next exam.

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